Purchase Assistance

Thinking of purchasing an aircraft but worried about ensuring your interests are protected? We all are. This is a sizeable purchase in any pilots life and should be handled with great care. FlightSimple can help with your Aircraft Purchase.

We will work with what you find, to ensure that all aspects of the Aircraft Purchase go smoothly.

  1. We work with the Seller or Seller’s representative to review the aircraft and documentation.
  2. We will complete a review of the aircraft condition, current market and valuation to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.
  3. We work with our AME Partners North America wide to ensure a thorough inspection is completed and negotiations are fair and equitable.
  4. We will ensure the paperwork makes sense, protects all the parties involved and everyone knows their role to play.
  5. We can even arrange to have the aircraft flown to you once purchased.

Let FlightSimple guide you though your purchase. You will be glad you had us on the team!