Selling your Aircraft

We look at aircraft differently. We look at your airplane not as just a vehicle, but more like a real estate transaction. Why shouldn’t we, it is likely one of your most expensive assets, and needs to be treated as such. That is where our expertise in Aircraft Sales comes in.

Aircraft Sales at FlightSimple are different. We come to you. Your realtor never asks you to bring your house to them, why should your Aircraft Sale be any different?

  1. FlightSimple comes to the plane (or meet you somewhere that works for you). This is important as we can ensure potential Buyers we have reviewed the plane and observed it in person.
  2. We do up the photos. Good photos will sell a plane quickly, bad photos will see a great plane languish. We can use these photos to maximize your aircraft’s exposure in the market.
  3. We digitize your logs (all of your logs!). The first thing a Buyer needs to do is read the logs. This is the number one requested item.
  4. We do the listing, the marketing, the whole thing. We interact with all potential Buyers, limiting the drain on your valuable time.
  5. We handle the paperwork. Done correctly, this protects everyone in the deal. Done poorly, it exposes everyone and increases the difficulty of the transaction.

Most importantly, we are with you every step of the way. As a result FlightSimple is your partner in a transaction, not just someone who lists your plane and collects a fee. This is partnership and we are working as a team.

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