Aircraft Acquisitions

Finding and Purchasing an aircraft can seem overwhelming. What if we could take the load of you, and put our professional team on it? That is where Aircraft Acquisitions come in.

For Aircraft Acquisitions, we take your specifications (i.e. type, size, etc.) and we find you the right aircraft to suit your mission. Once we conduct a search, we come back to you the client to:

  1. Review the aircraft found that fit within the requested parameters
  2. Conduct market research to ensure the pricing of presented aircraft are within the current market conditions
  3. Once a plane is selected, we assist in negotiations and setting up inspections, etc.
  4. Assist you with all the paperwork to make the transaction smooth and seamless.

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Our goal is to get you into the right plane, at the right price, at the right time. Talk to FlightSimple about your next aircraft purchase!